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Derbent residents affected by flooding claim officials ignore their demands

Residents the city of Derbent that was affected by the flooding in October 2012 claim that they continue enduring hardships and do not get any help from the authorities.

"A year has passed, and I still have not solved any of my problems. My house still stands collapsed, and I have not received any compensation," said Kakhriman Shikhgasanov, a resident of Derbent, in his interview to the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent.

Kakhriman Shikhgasanov has stated that on July 29, the Derbent City Court declared unlawful the inaction of the city administration. The court has also found his house uninhabitable, and after that, the aggrieved man was to receive a housing certificate.

However, according to the story of Kakhriman Shikhgasanov, the city administration has not yet fulfilled the court decision.

Derbent residents affected by the flooding are also dissatisfied with the amounts of the payments received.

Kerim Arifov, a resident of the house located in Mamedbekov Street, claims that he did manage to reconstruct his house for the money paid to him for the loss of property during the flooding.

"There are four of us in our family, and we received 40,000 roubles, since the authorities paid 10,000 per person for the loss of property. With the money, I barely finished a wall of the building," Kerim Arifov has said.

Officials from the Derbent administration do not comment on statements of the aggrieved persons.


Caucasian Knot


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