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Grozny opens virtual branch of Russian Museum

The first Russian Museum: Virtual Branch from St. Petersburg has opened at the Chechen National Museum.

Chechen Culture Minister Dikalu Muzakayev, officials of the Chechen Education Ministry and the Grozny educaton department and students attended the opening. Sergey Fokin, Head of the sector for information and technical support of the Russian Museum, Tatyana Kubanova, a leading specialist of the sector, Tatyana Svidunovich, a specialist of the planning section of the sector, were honorary guests of the opening.

Muzakayev said that the primary goal of the virtual museum was to teach young people Russian history. The project will develop and strengthen informative and cultural ties, they said.

This has become the 135th virtual branch of the Russian Museum in Russia. Such museums can also be found in foreign states and in Antarctica.


Vestnik Kavkaza


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