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US Embassy: We're friends of Azerbaijan


The US Embassy in Baku issued a statement in which reads that America has always been one of the active supporters of the sovereignty of Azerbaijan.

The United States has always been one of the strongest supporters of Azerbaijan’s sovereignty. We’ve demonstrated that support in many ways since Azerbaijan gained independence and are committed to advancing our relationship as sovereign partners in the years to come. We believe that democracy, economic growth, and security are the keys to Azerbaijan’s long-term prosperity. We will continue to offer cooperation in all three of these areas and will encourage positive steps, in the hopes that Azerbaijan will live up to its international human rights and other commitments and the great potential it has always shown to be an example of success and freedom.

It is not reported why such a statement was made.  However, it could be a reaction to accusations of Azerbaijani officials that the United States is funding the civil society of the country in order to destabilize the situation in Azerbaijan.



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