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‘‘Azerbaijan has probably passed arrested Iranian citizen to Mossad:’’ Iran’s ambassador is dissatisfied with Baku’s behavior

"Passing near the Israeli embassy is not a reason for arresting a person,” Iranian ambassador to Azerbaijan Mohsen Pak Ayeen told the Iranian official IRNA news agency.

Recently the Iranian "” has issued a release which reads that Iranian citizen Hasan Faraji has been arrested by the employees of the security service of Azerbaijan for passing near the embassy of Israel in Baky. One of the relatives of the arrested Iranian citizen has reported that the employees of the Baku Bine Ghadi prison have burnt the body of the innocent Iranian by the cigarette and have tortured him for getting a confession statement.

Ambassador Pak Ayeen has complained of the behavior of the Azerbaijani side and has in particular stated, "The fact that the Azerbaijani side refused the request of the Iranian embassy to meet the arrested makes us think that he was really tortured.”

The correspondent of Iranian site touches the above mentioned incident and notes, "The fact that the Azerbaijani side has refused the IRI embassy to meet the arrested, let’s us suppose that Azerbaijani Security Service has passed the innocent Iranian citizen to "Mossad.”

Days ago, speaker of the IRI MFA Marzie Afhkam has touched upon this incident in a meeting with the journalists and has noted in particular, "Unfortunately we learnt yesterday that the Iranian citizen has been tortured in Baku prison. IRI embassy in Azerbaijan has sent a letter to corresponding structures of that country in that connection. If it is true then Baku has to give an immediate answer. This issue is also rather sensitive, thus the Azerbaijani side has to undertake quick steps to answer.”

Recently the Baku Court on Grave Crimes has sentenced the Iranian citizen Bahram Feizi for 15 years imprisonment for the attempt of an attack at the embassy of Israel and for the espionage mission committed for Iran. The Iranian embassy to Iran had made a statement in this connection in which it was noted that, "Citizens of Iran and Azerbaijan are being arrested recently for accused of espionage committed towards Iran. Such cases in Azerbaijani courts are examined with doors closed. We state that the main principle of Iranian policy is not interfering the domestic affairs of Azerbaijan. We hope that the Court of Appeal will declare that decision invalid.”



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