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Novruz Mammadov: We Are Not Afraid of Sanctions


The calls to impose sanctions against Azerbaijan are pressure on Baku. This was said in an interview with reporters by the head of the foreign relations department of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan Novruz Mammadov.

"In what form can they impose sanctions against Azerbaijan? Talks about the existence of such a threat are known to us. It's all done to put pressure on us," said Mammadov.

According to him, Azerbaijan plans to invest 45 billion USD in the project Southern Gas Corridor, which is in the interests of the United States and Europe. However, the Europeans over 10 years offered to build the pipeline Nabucco and then abandoned it.

"Europe must consider why they played such games with Azerbaijan. Where is the responsibility? And they did not even apologize or say they were wrong for 10 years, coming here and talking about Nabucco. Such things are not supposed to happen. Therefore, we have no reason to worry," said Mammadov. 



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