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On February 15-21, 2016, 25 persons fell victim to armed conflict in Northern Caucasus

During the week of February 15-21, 2016, at least 25 persons fell victim to the armed conflict in Northern Caucasus. Of them, five persons were killed, and 20 others were wounded. These are the results of the calculations run by the "Caucasian Knot" based on its own materials and information from other open sources.

The death toll includes two law enforcers and three suspected members of the armed underground in Dagestan.

Special and counterterrorist operations

On February 17, the counterterrorist operation (CTO) legal regime was introduced in three districts of Dagestan the Khiv, Tabasaran, and Suleiman-Stalsky Districts. To the north of the village of Nyutyug of the Suleiman-Stalsky District, special units of the Russian FSB and the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) discovered two suspected militants, who opened fire on the law enforcers while they were trying to detain them. As a result of the armed clash, the suspects were killed.

Bombings and terror acts

On February 15, a VAZ-2109 car drove to a GIBDD (road police) checkpoint near the village of Djemikent in the Derbent District of Dagestan, and an explosion occurredThree persons were killed, including a policeman detached from Mordovia, a local policeman, and an alleged suicide bomber. In total, 18 people were injured, including eight soldiers. Law enforcers reported that the explosion was allegedly committed by Admir Talibov, a 23-year-old student of an Astrakhan institution of higher education, who had come to Derbent to visit his father. However, according to the results of the genetic examination, the explosion was committed by 25-year-old Magomedali Murliev, who was on the federal wanted list. He was a native of the Suleiman-Stalsky District and was a member of the criminal grouping "Southern". The "Islamic State" (IS), recognized as a terrorist organization, has claimed responsibility for the explosion.

On February 16, in Derbent, law enforcers destroyed an explosive device in the house of Abutdin Khanmagomedov, who had sworn allegiance to the IS. According to law enforcers, he was involved in the shelling in the area of Naryn-Kala Fortress. The law enforcers conducted a search in the house in Naneishvili Street. Residents of nearby houses were evacuated. As a result of the explosion, the house of Abutdin Khanmagomedov was almost completely destroyed.

On February 18, Dagestani law enforcers carried out searches in the house of 54-year-old Bes Sefibegova, the Muslim wife of Abutdin Khanmagomedov, in Guruchay Street, and in a private house in Sheboldaev Street, where Redjab Ismailov lived (according to the law enforcement bodies, he is a member of the terrorist grouping "Southern"). In both houses, the law enforcers discovered improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Both IEDs were destroyed at the places. Bes Sefibegova was detained.

Attacks on civilians

On February 14, a group of four persons broke into the house of a teacher of the secondary school in the village of Djuli of the Tabasaran District. They tied his wife and kidnapped the teacher. The teacher was taken away in a car, which was later discovered in the village of Khuchni, the centre of the Tabasaran District. According to the law enforcement bodies, when requested to stop, the people in the car opened fire and wounded the chief of the Tabasaran ROVD (District Interior Division). The people from the car managed to get out it and escape. In the abandoned car, the law enforcers found the kidnapped teacher, wounded from a firearm. The wounded policeman got medical aid and returned to service, and the kidnapped teacher was brought to hospital. The law enforcers are engaged in activities carried out in the Tabasaran District and aimed to detain people who had kidnapped the teacher.


On February 16, 46-year-old Elzhan Talibov, the father of Admir Talibov, suspected of committing an explosion at the GIBDD checkpoint near the village of Djemikent, was brought to the Derbent ROVD. A source from the law enforcement bodies reports that "during the search, about 30 rounds were found and seized from Admir Talibov." A criminal case has been instituted.

On February 19, in Grozny, law enforcers forced Olga Pavlova, a "Caucasian Policy" correspondent, into their car and brought her away. Two employees of the media, including a citizen of Finland, were detained together with Olga Pavlova. On the same day, the law enforcers released the journalists and explained them that they received the information about the preparation of an illegal report. The journalists said that the law enforcers detained them because of suspicion of connections with the "Islamic State" (IS).

On February 20, the police detained two suspected accomplices of a suicide bomber, who blew up a car at the GIBDD checkpoint in Djemikent. The suspects are accused of purchasing the car for the bombing and components for improvised explosive devices (IEDs), as well as of providing with food members of the organized criminal grouping "Southern" in Derbent. Later, an official of the Dagestani law enforcement agencies reported that the number of detainees had increased and reached four persons.




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