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Azerbaijan and Hungary Announced Strategic Partnership


Hungary is a close and friendly country for Azerbaijan and the results of the visit of Prime Minister Orban will play an important role in the development of Hungarian-Azerbaijani relations. This was stated by the Head of State Ilham Aliyev at a joint press conference with Orban on the results of his visit to Baku on March 6.

"The high level of political relations has a positive impact on all other areas. Hungary plays a positive and active role in Azerbaijan's relations with the European Union and I am confident that Hungary will continue to support these relations," Aliyev said.

Regarding the economy, Aliyev focused on energy cooperation. Relations between SOCAR and MOL already have a good story, and they have to climb to a new level in the framework of the project Southern Gas Corridor. Other areas of cooperation are agriculture, transport, tourism, and education.

"Hungary is a close, friendly country and our personal relationship with Mr. Prime Minister Orban is also friendly. Orban’s activities are perceived in Azerbaijan with great respect and appreciation," Aliyev said.

"The internal and external policies of Budapest are based only on the interests of the Hungarian people, which is also a similarity between us in this area. Owing to this, Hungary has honorably overcome all the crises prevailing in the world and Europe. If the government protects the interests of the people and is committed to the development of their country, the people will always support this government," Aliyev said, several times referring to Orban with the words "our dear friend" and calling Hungary a "strategic partner."

In reply, the Hungarian Prime Minister said he appreciates the activities of Ilham Aliyev, due to which Azerbaijan has achieved great success, and it causes "jealousy" in certain circles.

Azerbaijan will come out of this period stronger, with a diversified economy, in which "Hungary will help," said Orban. 



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