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NIDA activist states about torture in MNS

Trial in the case of seven activists of NIDA and member of the organization "Free Youth", Ilkin Rustamzade, continues in the Baku Serious Crime Court chaired by Javid Huseynov on December 18.

At the beginning of the trial Rustamzade made an oral request , and requested permission for audio and video recording. He also pointed out the invalidity decision not to extend his arrest without a judicial decision.

The accused Rashad Hasanov demanded explanations of the cause to transfer the previous meeting on December 12. Another accused Rashadat Akhundov said about the lack of independence of the court, because the judged postponed a meeting for December 12 to participate in the funeral ceremony on the anniversary of Heydar Aliyev's death. According to Akhundov, the hall applauded. The judge dismissed the petition of Rustamzade.

Defendants and lawyers also protested the meeting about the form of reference indicating the poor audibility in the hall. The lawyer Elton Guliyev called on the court to ensure normal working conditions.

Then interrogation of the accused Bakhiyar Guliyev. Prosecutor’s question " Does your family know about your affairs " caused a protest, and he refused to answer questions.

Then Shaheen Novruzlu was offered to testify,but he refused and said that it would come after the investigation of evidence for the prosecution.

The judge read out hi evidence to the investigation on 7,8,9 March , April and September.

In primary testimonies Novruzlu said Guliyev allegedly asked him to make smoke bombs , and he said he did not know how to do it . In other testimony it is argued that Guliyev allegedly spoke about the need to manufacture " Molotov Cocktail" for use at the rally.

In addition , it is noted that on the open page in Facebook activists of NIDA, Rashad Hasanov, and others allegedly wrote about the need to overthrow the government. "Their main purpose was to commit revolution," allegedly said that the MNS Novruzlu . However, he refused this testimony , noting that it was made under pressure.

"I was beaten , they threatened my family, and knocked out my four teeth. It made a man by name Qasim Mamedov," said Novruzlu. He confirmed the testimony given September 27, 2013 , where dismissed the charges.

Responding to questions from the public prosecutor and lawyers , he recalled that when giving primary evidence he had not yet reached adulthood.

It is contrary to law , since the interrogation of a minor must be in the presence of only a trusted lawyer , but his legal representative is someone from the family. Further, Novruzlu refused to answer questions of the prosecutor. The trial will continue at 10.30 on December 19.

The young people are charged with preparing riots in protest at Fountain Square on March 10. They were also charged with illegal possession of weapons , drugs and disorderly conduct .

International human rights organization Amnesty International recognized all the accused "prisoners of conscience.”



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