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Ali Insanov: objects of the Healthcare Ministry privatized Aliyev’s family

Today Baku Court of Appeal (BCA), chaired by Qadim Babayev continued the trial in the case of former Health Minister, Ali Insanov.

Re-investigation is conducted in connection with the fact that on March 14, 2013 the European Court of Human Rights adopted a resolution on the violation of Insanov’s human rights. Pursuant to the decision of the ECHR, the Plenum of the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan, on November 15, 2013 sent the case back to the Court of Appeal. Special security measures were adopted in connection with the trial. Journalists and other observers were carefully checked, up to the taking off shoes.

Entering the hall, Insanov came up to the head of the National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF), Jamil Hasanli, and thanked him for his support. Further, addressing the audience, he said: "Do not worry , democracy like wildfire is approaching borders of Azerbaijan." Thereafter, Insanov was placed to a soundproof glass cell "Aquarium." Throughout the hearing, the judge repeatedly turned off Insanov’s microphone when Insanov was pronouncing the name of Ilham Aliyev, and other senior officials. Lawyer Shahverdi Agayev petitioned to discontinue the proceedings. However, the judge rejected the request.

Then seven of 11 prosecution witnesses spoke. They were members of the Ministry of Finance and other departments, experts who gave an opinion on the privatization of the objects of the Ministry of Health. Witnesses reported that the cost of objects to be privatized was determined not by the Health Ministry, but by the Department of Privatization of the Ministry for Economic Development. Decision on buy and sell were also adopted by the Ministry for Economic Development.

During the meeting Insanov congratulated the honorary chairman of the NCDF, Rustam Ibrahimbayov, on his 75th anniversary, calling him "the great Azerbaijani."

He further noted that when he was Minister, 59 objects were privatized, and 32 of them are small; 28 objects were large, including sections 2-2.5 acres and they were privatized by the family of Aliyev.

 " From privatization of 50,000 objects the budget received $ 500 million and 30 billion were appropriated by the ruling family," said Insanov, but the judge immediately turned off the microphone. "They are afraid of me even with tied hands and feet. They want to kill me," said Insanov. Next he asked the judge: "I was arrested for the fact that a man appointed by me received a bribe. Then arrest Ilham Aliyev , who appointed me. "

Insanov said that two acres of the hospital named after Semashko were privatized by the President Ilham Aliyev’s cousin. "I opposed violations in privatization and they arrested me," said Insanov.

Concerning the accusations in connection with abuse of insulin , the ex- minister said that the chief of the chemist's department was Rafiq Mahmoodov (former husband of the sister-in-law of Ilham Aliyev,) and the head of the pharmacy department of Baku is Mehriban Aliyeva’s uncle, said Insanov.

Lawyers asked to delete accusations on charges because of the lapse of time for less serious crimes. They also applied for watching video of the first trial, because many testimonies in favor of Insanov were distorted in judicial decisions. However, the court rejected petition.

The lawyers asked for time to prepare new petitions, and the trial was postponed for February 14.



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