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Scandal around Nurs at Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan continues: letter addressed to Fethullah Gülen is made public

"Due to our man in the presidential administration, we have increased the number of our people in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan." This is stated in the letter received by, written by the Nur sect leader of Azerbaijan Anwer Ozeren to the head of the sect Fethullah Gulen.

According to the Azerbaijani news portal "" Anwer Ozeren assures in his letter that the Nur of Azerbaijan are extremely pleased with their people in the presidential administration, and that it was thanks to their man that they managed to appoint their own people in important governmental positions.

In his letter Anwer Ozeren writes that they continue working on introduction of their people into youth organizations of Azerbaijan which is aimed at training personnel for appointment to senior positions in the country.

Next, the sect leader complains that the special services of Azerbaijan introduce their people into the sect, spy on the businessmen that are related to the sect. He claims that their people in the Azerbaijani parliament are endangered.

Ozeren also notes that they have put their own man in the National Intelligence Academy of Azerbaijan, but he was soon figured out and expelled.

Next Azerbaijani Nur leader asks Fethullah Gülen to use his channels for the U.S. to strengthen its pressure on Azerbaijan.

"Our friend in the presidential administration says that Azerbaijan is making efforts to strengthen its relations with the United States. I ask you to bring to the attention of our friends in the United States that Azerbaijan puts pressure on us," writes Ozeren.

Then Anwer Ozeren advises Gülen to be very careful with one of the officials of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan, whose name is not disclosed.

A few days ago Azerbaijani newspaper "Yeni Musavat", with a reference to a source in social networks spread information that official circles in Turkey have provided the Azerbaijani government a list of high-ranking officials of Azerbaijan in the administration of President Ilham Aliyev and the Azerbaijani government, which include or are related with such religious direction, as Nursizm.

The list of officials recruited by the sect of Fethullah Gülen include, the head of Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan Elnur Aslanov, SOCAR vice president Khalig Mammadov, chairman of the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations Elshad Isgandarov, his deputy Gunduz Ismailov, Youth and Sports Deputy Minister Intigam Babayev, MP Jeyhun Osmanli, CSR Director under the Presidential Administration Farhad Mammadov, Chairman of the Youth Foundation Farhad Hajiyev.

Nur sect leader is Turkish billionaire Fethullah Gülen. He also owns large industrial and financial companies and holdings worldwide. Gülen owns a large network of schools and educational institutions. In 1998, Gülen was accused of attempting to overthrow the existing regime in secular Turkey. At the same time avoiding the punishment, he immigrated to the United States. When the AKP came to power all charges against him were dropped. Turkish Prime Minister R. T. Erdogan and the Justice and Development Party are accused of having ties to Gülen. According to various estimates, about five million people in Turkey and abroad (particularly in Azerbaijan and Central Asia) are involved in the Gülen movement.

In some countries, particularly in Russia, the Gülen sect "Nurdzhurlar" (or "Nur") is prohibited, and its followers are held accountable for spreading extremism. The Russian FSS believes that members of the sect are collecting intelligence in favor of Turkey and have ties with terrorists in the North Caucasus.



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