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U.S. Embassy denies statements of the head of Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan and Ministry of Defense

Information, stated by the head of the Azerbaijani Presidential Administration Ramiz Mehtiyev that the United States had advised to assign 25% of the vote to the single candidate of the opposition Jamil Hasanly, is a lie, the Azerbaijani news portal "" reports referring to radio "Liberty”. 

In an interview with the pro-governmental media, Mehtiyev had told that the representatives of the official Washington had offered the Azerbaijani authorities to give 25% of the vote to the opposition candidate, and keep 74-75% for Ilham Aliyev, at such ratio of votes the assessment of the U.S. Department of State will be balanced.

The U.S. Embassy in Azerbaijan also commented on the meeting held between the U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan Richard Morningstar and Azerbaijani Defense Minister Safar Abiyev.

Press Service of the U.S. Embassy notes that the meeting had a constructive nature. "The words published on behalf of Morningstar are not accurate," the statement reads.

Portal notes that according to the press service of Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan, Morningstar, touching upon the past elections in Azerbaijan, noted that the election is over, and Ilham Aliyev is the winner. As for the critics, it will not affect at the outcome of the election.

In turn, the Azerbaijani news agency "APA" wrote that the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan has expressed its attitude towards the statement of the Embassy on the inaccuracies in the statements of the U.S. Ambassador Richard Morningstar published in the press. The statement of the press service says that there was no inaccuracy during the meeting and she has not made any incorrect statement, and the recording may be extended if necessary. 

At the request of the Azerbaijani news agency "Turan" to comment on Ramiz Mehtiyev’s accusations of Washington intervening the presidential election process in Azerbaijan, a source in the U.S. State Department stated that the U.S. Department of State will respond after checking the details through diplomatic channels. 

According to the agency, the former U.S. government official, who watched the election process in Azerbaijan, called the claims of Baku "false and frivolous." If the Aliyev regime is trying to legitimize the elections in this way, then it is wrong, he said.

Commenting on the criticism of the official Baku addressed to Washington, Professor Martin Speshler from the University of Indiana called on the Aliyev government to be more transparent: "If Aliyev wants credible elections, he should invite international observers and to ensure freedom for all qualified candidates."

In its turn, the Azerbaijani organization in America (AZAD) announced that the U.S. government may have to deal with the worst regimes in the world on various issues: "However, there is simply no excuse for congratulation of the corrupted despots and deceit of their own people. In doing so, the officials betray the basic democratic values of America and the trust of their constituents."

Gerald Robbins the Foreign Policy Research Institute expert stated in this regard that the election results were pre-determined. He considers the U.S. position of not sending a delegation of observers to the elections erroneous. The presence of the U.S. would serve a signal for the Aliyev government.



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