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The Washington Post included election falsification in Azerbaijan into the list of ‘‘Worst Ideas of 2013’’

American publication The Washington Post has made the list of the Worst Ideas of 2013 where the recently held presidential elections of Azerbaijan are also involved. "Azerbaijan has published the vote results earlier, too earlier. A day before the elections,” the newspaper writes and notes that this fact has been mocked off by everyone.

According to the article the widely ridiculed pre-election "results,” blamed by the government on an errant test of an online app, had President Ilham Aliyev winning in a landslide, with nearly 73 percent of the vote. Post-election results gave him 84.5 percent, the Washington Post reports, the Washington Post writes.

On October 9 presidential election were held in Azerbaijan during which incumbent President Ilham Aliyev received 84.54% of votes. Jamil Hasanli, a single candidate from the opposition National Council of Democratic Forces, was on the second place. He scored 5.53% of the vote.

The joint statement of the ODIHR / OSCE observation mission and the Parliamentary Assembly, noted that the presidential elections were held in Azerbaijan in terms of restriction of freedom of speech and assembly. In its turn, the Minister for European Affairs David Lidington stated that the British Foreign Ministry shares the OSCE / ODIHR’s opinion that the presidential elections held in Azerbaijan failed to meet the commitments with OSCE. Opinion of the OSCE and the United Kingdom are also divided the U.S. Department of State.



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