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Trial in the case of the blogger Abdul Abilov

A preliminary hearing in the case of the active Facebook user, a 31-year-old Abdul Abilov took place yesterday in the Baku Serious Crime Court. He was arrested on November 25, 2013 on charges of large-scale illegal possession and drug trafficking.

Human rights defenders believe that Abilov is persecuted for creating a Facebook page called "Stop sycophants."

After the arrest of a young man the page was closed. At the meeting, a lawyer Khalid Bagirov said that from March 22 Abilov has been actually illegally detained, because there is no court decision on the extension of detention. The lawyer called it a violation of Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights and the Constitution of Azerbaijan, and demanded the release of Abilov.

At the same time , a member of the judicial composition Eynulla Veliyev reproached Bagirov, that was on the process without a lawyer 's mantle, calling it disrespectful to colleagues. In response, Bagirov said that "a system must create the authority of the mantle." Audience applauded the replica by the lawyer.

The judge asked to remove from the audience cheering and adjourning. Then Bagirov petitioned for exemption from the case a number of evidence, because during their collection was violated law on operational and investigative activities. Thus, investigations were carried out without a court order , the primary indications were obtained under pressure. This is a violation of Article 8 of the European Convention, the lawyer said. The state prosecutor opposed the motions.

Then the floor was given to the defendant Abilov, who said that he was pressured , but the judge interrupted him, demanding to speak "substantially" . The judge dismissed both the petition and appointed the trial for April 24.

Mother of the accused Nurdzhahan Abilova told Turan agency, that her son was persecuted for political reasons , and he does not know what drug is. According to his mother, she saw how drugs were planted in his pocket son.

Abilov has been charged under Article 234.4.3 ( illegal manufacturing , purchase, storage , transport, transfer or sale of drugs, psychotropic substances, and their precursors in the large sizes,) which provides for up to 12 years in prison.



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