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International organizations strongly condemn the arrest of Khadija Ismayilova


Leading international human rights organizations condemned the arrest on December 5 in Baku Khadija Ismayilova,  a known journalist, columnist  of the radio "Azadlig". Amnesty International, in a statement called the incident "a flagrant attack on the freedom of the media." Khadija Ismayilova is one of the last independent voices in Azerbaijan. Her arrest became the last link in the endless attempts to silence her," said the representative of the organization, John Dalusen.

The charge of incitement to suicide attempts look wild and funny, but she  came be imprisoned from  three to  seven years in prison, the statement said.

Another international organization Human Rights Watch also believes that the arrest  of Ismaylova is  a serious blow to the country's critical voices, Azerbaijani authorities concentrated efforts to complete suppression of criticism, says HRW representative Georgy Nodia.

He also stressed that the arrest took place a day after the publication of a long article of the  head of the presidential administration Ramiz Mehdiyev, who openly accused Khadija Ismailova of betraying "interests" of Azerbaijan, and ranked it to the list of "fifth column" , NGOs, which  with foreign money and  at the instructions of the West want to destabilize the situation in the  country.

For more than a month international organizations urge official Baku to stop the  attacks on  civil society and release up to 50 activists, journalists and bloggers arrested on trumped up charges.

"In response, the authorities arrested Ismayilova, and this should be the last  drop. Western partners should make it clear to the authorities of Azerbaijan that while they will not be released, there will not previous ties and relations," reads  a statement.

Organization of press freedom "Reporters without borders" called for the immediate release of Ismaylova whose name is included in the list of 100 fighters for freedom of speech in the world.

"We are impressed by false charges against her. The campaign to defame Ismaylova started two years ago, and has now reached its peak. The arrest of one of the leading investigators of corruption in Azerbaijan, said that the authorities intend to completely stifle all those who denounced the illegal actions,"  said in a statement of the organization.

"Reporters Without Borders" also notes that she was arrested the day after the article  by Ramiz Mehdiyev, where he accused Khadija Ismailova in spreading hostile information about Azerbaijan at the request of her friends, alluding to the West.

All three organizations have demanded immediate release of Ismaylova,  and urged the international community to intervene. 



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