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Public condemns the pressure on the radio "Azadlig"


Civil society representatives criticized the government pressure on radio "Azadlig." Commenting  today’s  search in the office of the radio all of the respondents condemned the actions of the prosecutor's office.   A search in such rude form has a negative impact on  the US-Azerbaijani relations,  noted in the comment.

A known journalist Shahvalad Chobanoglu called  a search  a continuation  of ongoing process of destruction of a free press and alternative sources of information. After the arrest of human rights activists, leaders of independent NGOs and lawyers, it was the turn of radio "Azadlig".   "This is an attempt of the official Baku to eliminate dissent, destroy alternative sources of information,"  said Chobanoglu.

The  Chairman of the Democratic Party Sardar Jalaloglu said that the search was linked to the arrest of the  journalist Khadija Ismayilova. He recalled that the radio is a foreign structure,  therefore  it is important to conduct a search in accordance with the requirements of the legislation. He also recalled that the radio is funded by the US Congress, what  could have a negative impact on relations between America and Azerbaijan.

The head of the Union of Journalists of the country, Elchin Shikhli, sees a connection between the search and seizure of Khadija Ismayilova.  "Maybe  there is not anything  serious in the search, but  it can cause a scandal between the two countries," he said.

Political analyst Zardusht Alizadeh believes that the search is to eliminate dissent. "The authorities are trying to impose on the people their thinking, their information sources, to  take people to their  virtual "just"  world," said Alizadeh.

He recalled that in his time Heydar Aliyev praised the  activity of  "Azadlig" radio. "This is the same radio that operates on the same principles. Was it  good then , and is it bad now? " asks Alizadeh.

Human rights activist Arzu Abdullayeva  condemned in search of Radio "Azadlig". Instead of positive changes in the country the situation is becomes more complicated. In her opinion, the official Baku headed for the deterioration of relations with Washington.  "As if some forces are pushing the country specifically to a confrontation with the West,"  said Arzu Abdullayeva. 



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