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New season in the European Parliament

FLNCA had a number of meetings in Brussels

On November 18 the FLNCA delegation arrived in Brussels to establish contacts and discuss with newly elected members of the European Parliament  future joint activities aimed at protection of the Lezghin minority rights ethnic minorities’ rights.


During the mission the FLNCA delegation had a number of pre-scheduled meetings with the members of the EP and other representatives its committees and the EU various institutions. The FLNCA delegation familiarized the members of the EP and other participants of the meetings with the situation with the ethnic minorities in Azerbaijan, and particularly with the Lezghin minority.

After the meetings, the FLNCA delegation got the impression that after the current world situation the issues on ethnic minorities become more topical. Besides, in April of 2014 the European Parliament intergroup on ethnic minorities, communities and languages approved the so-called Strasbourg Manifest on protection of national minorities and their languages within the European Union.

FLNCA also met with a group of experts of the European External Action Service (EEAS) and senior officials of the European Parliament Secretariat dealing with the problems of minorities.

On the third day in Brussels the FLNCA delegation had meetings with  representatives of the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Eastern Partnership and Russia Unit of the EP.

FLNCA delegation met warm welcome and understanding of the issues raised by them. All the participants of the meetings showed their interests in cooperation with the FLNCA and promised to give support to the implementation of its activities aimed at peaceful resolution of the minorities’ problems through a dialogue and other tools available at the European level.

Activities related to the protection of ethnic minorities’ rights have never been easy and fast to have been implemented. Therefore, the FLNCA has a long and difficult way ahead to achieve the goals set forth by the organization. The main thing is to move in the right direction.

The FLNCA would like to express its gratitude to the UNPO for the support provided in arranging the meetings and for accompanying the delegation during its mission to Brussels.

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