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FLNCA voice in OSCE

OSCE protects ethnic minorities’ rights and interests

Derbent 2000: Crossroads of Civilizations

Conference dedicated to Derbent

FLNCA presented tourism of Derbent

Historical monuments of Derbent

Lezgi leaders’ training in Moscow

Lezgi activists in the FLNCA office

Great actresses from Akhti

Safiyat Askerova and Alla Jalilova

Awarding of lezgian youth

A meeting with FLNCA vice-president

Haci Davud of new era

FLNCA Youth Department’s video project

“The Future of the Youth”

FLNCA’s new project

FLNCA Youth’s brainstorming

FLNCA youth discussed future plans

FLNCA Activities in 2014

FLNCA achievements at the international arena

New season in the European Parliament

FLNCA had a number of meetings in Brussels

Innovative Lezghi dictionary

The compiler of the Lezghi-Russian dictionary

FLNCA is in the European family

FUEN's decision on FLNCA

It is vital the world is aware of our problems

The Lezghi public activist from Belgium

FLNCA team updating

FLNCA had collective restructuring

On the Way Towards Cooperation

FLNCA & AzerRos: Approaching positions

Free Dagestan from foreign lobby

Kerimov: To save South Dagestan from Baku expansion

FLNCA Representatives Tell Brussels:

"Don’t Trade European Values For Oil And Gas"