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FLNCA team updating

FLNCA had collective restructuring



In January 2014 FLNCA leaders had a visit to Dagestan. During the visit FLNCA leaders had official and nonofficial meetings with representatives of national intellectuals, society and youth. After this visit there were made some changes in FLNCA and Dagestan representation management structure.


1. Amil Sarkarov, who has been transformed to the other area of work, was exempted from the management of FLNCA Executive Committee. 

2. Gusen Shahpazov, the head of the Youth Department wastemporarily appointed as Chairperson of the Executive Committee.



According to FLNCA Vice President Ruslan Kurbanov’s recommendation there were made the following appointments on positions in FLNCA Dagestan representation:

3. Magomed Aliev was appointed as the Head of the Youth Department of FLNCA In Dagestan.

Magomed Aliev will work within the new strategy of FLNCA Youth Department focused on Moscow and Dagestan Lezgi Youth communities’ closer interaction.



4. Umganat Suleymanova was appointed as the representative of FLNCA in Xiv district of the Republic of Dagestan.

Umganat Suleymanova is also FLNCA representative in Tabasaran district. After the new appointment Umganat Suleymanova became FLNCA representative in two districts – Xiv and Tabasaran.




Besides soon FLNCA representation system on regions of Southern Dagestan will have some additional changes and new young specialists from different areas will be involved in FLNCA team.



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