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The Council of Europe is ruled by anti-Azerbaijani forces - AWG


Ad Hoc Working Group (AWG) on Human Rights, composed of representatives of the authorities and a number of human rights defenders, made a statement  on leaving the  Council of Europe. The document says that "some forces in the Council of Europe tend to counteract the dialogue between government and civil society in Azerbaijan." As a result of such "biased" approach in 2008, the activities of the EAP was discontinued.

In 2014, at the suggestion of the Council of Europe Secretary General Jagland  the group activity was resumed, 16 people were released, and another’s sentence was reduced.

"We believe that the decision  by  Jagland was taken  at the insistence of anti-Azerbaijani forces and pressure, and it damages the image of the Council of Europe,"- the document says.

An appeal was made to the Council of Europe to stop the dirty games "anti-Azerbaijani forces."

In his statement, Jagland said that the activities of the AWG do not make sense, because the authorities ignore opinion and calls for the Council of Europe and the state of human rights and freedoms in Azerbaijan is constantly deteriorating. "In this situation, the stay of the  representative of the Council of Europe in this structure does not make sense" - said the secretary general.



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