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"Azadlig" Newspaper in Critical Position

Publishing house "Azerbaijan" gave the newspaper “Azadlig” only three days to pay off an outstanding debt. Otherwise, future editions of the newspaper will be stopped, Turan was told by the deputy editor of the newspaper Rahim Hajiyev.


"We are in a desperate situation. On the one hand, the distributor company "Gasid" does not pay us for the production of the newspaper; on the other hand, the Publishing house requires payment for services; besides, the court imposed arrest on our bank account. "Gasid" owes us 40,000 manat, and we owe the Publishing House 20,000 manat. If in three days a significant portion of this debt is not paid, the edition of the newspaper will be terminated," Hajiyev said.


The account of Azerbaijan's leading opposition newspaper was arrested at the claim of the Director of Baku Metro, Tagi Akhmedov. The court imposed a fine on a newspaper for 30,000 manat as punishment for claims of defamation.




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