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FSB stops international arms trafficking from Georgia to North Ossetia

In North Ossetia, the international channel of trafficking in firearms and ammunition from Georgia to the Russian territory has been suppressed. A criminal case was instituted on that fact. This was reported by the FSB.


Firearms were purchased in Georgia and then transported to Russia through the territory of South Ossetia. To transport firearms, suspected members of the criminal grouping paid solid remuneration to taxi drivers who were travelling from Georgia to Russia. Meanwhile, the taxi drivers were unaware of the content of "packages".


Staff members of the FSB Department for North Ossetia detained one of such carriers, when he was handing in a package to a customer not far from the customs station "Nizhny Zaramag". When FSB agents examined the car, they found and seized a CZ-75 B pistol and five rounds to it.


"Experts do not rule out that the firearms supplied by the criminals could be intended for the members of the illegal armed underground operating in the North-Caucasian region," the FSB has emphasized.


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