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Ballot stuffing, beatings, kidnappings and threats: ‘‘These elections are the dirtiest in Azerbaijani history’’

The presidential elections in Azerbaijan are held in an atmosphere of total frauds, stated Isa Gambar the leader of the "Musavat" party. According to the news agency "Turan", Gambar noted that there are "carousels" everywhere and by this way the Azerbaijani authorities confess that they cannot receives the votes of their people honestly.

As leader of the Popular Front Party Ali Kerimli said, the union of the opposition and successful campaign of Jamil Gasanli encouraged citizens to participate in the voting. However, the authorities of Azerbaijan again took the path of fraud. The most typical violations, as noted Kerimli, are massive ballot box stuffing, "carousel", and the interference of the executive bodies.
Presidential candidate of the Democratic Party Sardar Jalaloghlu stated that the elections take place in an environment of massive violations of law. "At the station 20 of the 23rd Nasimi district, where I voted, they forged the signature of my wife in front of me, and her ballot was given to another woman,” he said.

The leader of the El movement Eldar Namazov did not find his name at the poll station 28 of the 22nd Nasimi District at all. "Everywhere there is fraud. This usually happened close to the end of the elections, but now it happens from the very beginning. The authorities are not sure of themselves and thus they started the forgery since the morning. These are the dirtiest elections in the history of the independent Azerbaijan," Namazov said.

The head of Executive Committee of the Liberal Party Avaz Temirkhan also announced massive violations of elections. The leader of the National Council Rustam Ibrahimbekov, who is in Moscow, noted that Jamil Hasanli would take victory in case if the elections were fair. "But the government uses any chances and all possible types of violations to rig the vote," he said.

"Turan" also reports that the presidential candidate of the National Council of Democratic Forces Jamil Hasanli has told about the information on mass violations received from Baku and the regions during the vote. "Cases of massive ballot stuffing are recorded at some polling stations. Unfortunately, many government officials are involved in the frauds, thus becoming involved in the gravest treason - the usurpation of power," Hasanli stated.

The agency reports that 19 observers cooperating with the Centre for Monitoring Elections and democracy training were not allowed to hold monitoring. The Center sent 794 observers. In 16% of polling stations the amount of ballot papers was not announced at all. In 27 % of polling stations the number of voters who voted outside the polling stations (through portable ballot boxes) was not announced.

According to the Azerbaijani service of "Radio Liberty" in the 8th polling station of Beylegan electoral district N81 the head of the Popular Front Party Gahramanli Fizuli was beaten. He drew his attention to the law violation, after which he was beaten, and had his nose broken. The site had also published photos of the polling station N17 70th of Masally District where a man throws several ballots into the box.

"" Portal reports that massive violations have been recorded in the 61st district of Neftchala, where according to the observer Adil Azhdar oglu a massive ballot stuffing is carried out. Portal reports that observers from the opposition are under pressure. Thus, Behrouz Abdurahmanov, the observer in the Aghjabadi region, was summoned to the office of the ruling party and tried to take a written confession saying that the elections are being held in a democratically. Department head of the executive power of the mentioned district had similarly blackmailed other observers as well – Ilkin Gasanly and Alimshah Guliyev. However, they didn’t get scared and informed about it their candidate Jamila Hasanly.

According to "Turan" news agency election headquarters of presidential candidate of the National Council continue reporting widespread violations at the presidential election. Thus, on the 32nd third Surakhani district in the poll stations N18 and N26 there are no invisible ink in order to mark the voters. In the 39th poll station of the 74th Lankaran rural district the observer Hikmat Mamedov was removed from the station by the police.

On the 10th poll station of the 45th district there are "carousels" carried out; groups of people are being moved from place to place by car. In the 61st Neftchala district committee members have fixed cases of ballots stuffing. On the seventh poll station of the 34th Khatai district a man was caught with 7 ballots. In the 50th district about 50 employees of "Baku Steel Company” participate in "Carousel." Such "carousels" occur in areas NN 5 - 6 and 9-10 and in 16th of the second Yasamal district.
Members of the commission representing the interests of Jemal Hasanli are not allowed to fix the violation. In the 98th Shamkir rural, 99th Shemkir village and 100 Shemkir-Dashkesan regions the people are issued fraudulent certificates of observers from the NFPA.

Besides that, according to the agency "Turan", MNS employees kidnapped an observer in Nakhichevan. As the observer from the 34th poll station of Sharur region Israil Alekperli reported he was asked to go out, after which he was pushed into the car, was driven to an unknown place and was threaten, blackmailed. They demanded him not to go to the polling station and not to get engage in politics. Alekperli recognized one of those who threatened him – it was one of the local NSM employees.

Today at noon, the Centre for Sociological Research "Forecast" published the exit-poll of the presidential elections in Azerbaijan. According to this NGO Ilham Aliyev was leading among the candidates (92.15% of the votes) as of 10:30 the leader, he was followed by opposition leader Jamil Hasanly - 6.06%.

However, as "Turan" reports the Executive Secretary of the Centre for Monitoring of Elections and democracy training Bashir Suleymanli, the publication of polls during the vote is a serious violation of the law.

In the CEC announced that they have no information concerning the message of the "Forecast" center, but confirmed that the announcement of the results of the polls during voting is illegal.



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