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The prosecutor's office interrogates journalists in the case of Rauf Mirkadirov

On Wednesday prosecutors began questioning journalists connected in any way with the arrested columnist for "The Mirror" Rauf Mirkadirov, and projects of the Institute for Peace and Democracy led by Leyla Yunus.

On April 30, was summoned for questioning an expert Zafar Guliyev, who as an analyst answered questions of the Armenian and Azerbaijani journalists in the project.

On Thursday, the prosecutor's office summoned an employee of the newspaper "Yeni Musavat", Azer Rashidoglu, who used to work with Mirkadirov.

The invited are asked about their attitude to Mirkadirov and the participation in the Armenian- Azerbaijani project "Social Dialogue" , implemented by the Institute for Peace and Democracy , together with the Armenian defenders.

Apparently , the prosecution will interrogate everyone who is somehow related or involved in this project, which aimed at restoration of trust between Armenians and Azerbaijanis.

Rauf Mirkadyrov was accused of spying for Armenia during a visit to Yerevan in 2008-2009, and now has been arrested.



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