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A new complaint against the police of Sumgait from a believer


A believer-Salafi, appealed to Rahman  Akhmedov, who said about the pressure on him by Sumgayit police. A 27-year-old Akhmedov is internally displaced from Jabrayil region. In Sumgait, he has a small shop in the 17th district. On 6 December  in the morning he was summoned to the district inspector "with the aim of taking on the" accounting "believers."  Then  he was taken to the 4th police station, where he was subjected to insults from the chief named Kenan. He was told that  there is not place for such people like  in Azerbaijan, and demanded to shave his beard. Humiliation and physical pressure on the believer continued in police headquarters in Sumgayit. 

According to Ahmadov, an officer named Garay started with him in an ideological debate.

"They asked me who was Muawiyah? I said that he was a Sahabi (companion) of the Prophet.  They said it is not so, and began to  beat me and insult," continued Ahmadov. According to Ahmadov, the police called him a terrorist. Finally,  at about 17:00 he was released, recommending to shave his beard.  The believer fears of a new pressure and arrest on trumped-up charges. Turan failed to get comments in Sumgait police. Turan agency  is ready to give the floor to the opposite side.

A month ago, a group of Salafis also complained to their local police  of  unjustified detention and torture. This happened after  a religious activist Zohrab Shikhaliyev was arrested on charges of illegal possession of weapons. However,  then the Interior Ministry denied reports of torture  believers.



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