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US Undersecretary of State: TANAP will liberate Europe from dependence on Russia


It is bad when the country's energy supply depend on one country,  and it is used as a means of political pressure, said the US Deputy Secretary of State for Energy Diplomacy Amos Hochshteyn in an interview with the Turkish "Hürriyyet .”

To prevent this the  power supply should be diversified. "Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline (TANAP) is a project that performs this important condition. Natural gas is supplied by a new supplier and a new way. TANAP is a good model for the diversification of energy sources," he said.

"The route through which the pipeline passes is very important. The project does not pass through the Ukraine or Russia, and through Turkey. After it goes from Turkey to Italy, we can build a new pipeline from Greece to Bulgaria. Bulgarian pipeline can join Serbia, Romania and Hungary," he said.

TANAP is a project that the government of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia took as a liability. For this reason, TANAP today attracts everyone's attention. All efforts will be made for its realization. This is the best option for Turkey and for Europe, he said. 



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