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"Azerbaijan" newspaper: Germany is the - US puppet and a dishonest partner


A few days ago "Azerbaijan" newspaper,  an official state newspaper, published another anti-Western article, this time against Germany. The article is titled "Germany today: hegemony or a vassal?” It contains harsh accusations and insulting remarks against the German government, including Chancellor Angela Merkel personally.

Drawing a parallel between Merkel and Hitler the articles reads about the expansion into Europe of the Fourth Reich,  about German hegemony on the continent.

Referring to bilateral relations, "Azerbaijan" newspaper concludes that under President Heydar Aliyev these relations had a positive trend, and 150 German companies were successfully operating in Azerbaijan, and Berlin has always recognized and supported the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

However, since 2011,  with the egg on  of the  United States, relations between Baku and Berlin began to deteriorate, which resulted in criticism of the German media against Baku and aggressive behavior of German NGOs. Under the guise of protecting human rights and democracy, Germany and the United States in this way wanted to take Azerbaijan under their influence, reads the material.

This happened after the issues of reducing such criticism were discussed at  the meetings at the highest level. Instead, such mainstream media as "Der Spiegel", the channel ARD began publishing baseless criticism and campaigned blackening against Azerbaijan, and such Foundations  as Friedrich Naumann, Conrad Adenauer, Heinrich Bell, Friedrich Ebert and others have intensified considerably.

Ombudsman of the German Government Marcus Lehning has become one of the main persons carrying anti Azerbaijani campaign. In meetings with the opposition in Baku, he assured that Germany will have full support for the reforms in Azerbaijan.

Further, the material refers to the active contacts of the German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle , and then in Baku Herbert Quelle with opposition leaders. "This means that the German authorities at the state level have started a smear campaign against Azerbaijan." With this purpose, Michael Link, who had good relations with the leadership of the Popular Front Party, a Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, and the party leader Ali Kerimli even called Link "a friend."

Further, the material said that Ilham Aliyev personally expressed his dissatisfaction with the German side, but did not stop critical materials. Publications during the "Eurovision" showed that Germany  has  "serious" plans against Azerbaijan.

"West by any means tried to break the will of the only independent states of the South Caucasus, and to subordinate to its own interests," reads the article.

Being dependent on the United States, Germany has a hypocritical policy towards Azerbaijan. This was first demonstrated in 2015 during the official visit of Ilham Aliyev to Germany, where at the press conference of Aliyev and Merkel , appeared a man with a placard against Azerbaijan.

According to the authors of the article, another  "proof"  is that Angela Merkel supports the criticism against Azerbaijan through the parliamentary faction and the European institutions controlled by her.

Proof of this became hearing in the Bundestag on the situation in Azerbaijan on the eve of the start of the European Games. It  could not happen without  the alliance of America and Germany. Why was not such a hearing held in the parliaments of other countries, namely Germany? "All this is a shame for the government of Angela Merkel,"  concludes the newspaper.

Numerous critical publications have appeared in the Western media at the behest of governments, as well as the statements of Western coalitions of NGOs demanding the release of members of the "Fifth Column arrested for specific offenses."

Under the influence of America Nils Muzhnieks, Dunja Mijatovic, Ulrike Lunachek, Elmar Brok and others have joined the campaign, along with "cosmopolitan circles" visiting the West.

The campaign was managed from the United States, joined by agents of influence, as a CNN correspondent Christiane Amanpour and the band U2, showman John Leaver.

Material opinion concludes that Germany has lost the sovereignty and after the Second World War, is under the influence of the United States. The current policy in Berlin aims to impose its hegemony over Europe. "However, Azerbaijani oil will not help Germany in this," promise the authors of the materials.

"After that, Azerbaijan will carefully select partners and decide who to trust," that is a thoughtful conclusion of this material. 



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