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Ali Hasanov is irritated by U.S. State Department's annual report on human rights

In the interview given to the state news agency "AzerTAj" Ali Hasanov the head of the department of social and political issues of the Administration of President of Azerbaijan doubted the objectiveness of U.S. State Department annual report on human rights, calling it "subjective."


"The subjective nature of the report, absence of the data about information sources, misrepresentation of certain facts, and which is most important, ignoring the disposition of the official bodies of Azerbaijan on this or other issue, in general, gives reason to doubt the objectivity of the document," stated Ali Hasanov.


The critical report of the U.S. State Department consisted of 33-page and concerned to the problems of restriction of freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, unfair trials, as well as violations of property rights in Azerbaijan. The report also touches upon the issue of deaths of soldiers in non-combat conditions, inhumane prison conditions, administrative and police violence, massive corruption, NGO registration mass denials, limiting the activities of political parties and violation of rights of minorities in 2012 in Azerbaijan.




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