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Ibrahimbekov: Ilham Aliyev Violates the Constitution

The recent speech by Ilham Aliyev with harsh accusations against the opposition is a gross violation of constitutional norms and obligations, as head of state. This was stated by the single presidential candidate of the National Council, Rustam Ibrahimbekov, commenting on the July 2 speech by Aliyev at the Police Academy for Turan.


"Calling his opponents renegades, traitors and enemy elements, Aliyev not only offends people. He also makes it clear to all the people that dealing with his opponents is also tantamount to treason. It's not just pressure on voters, but also moral repression," said Ibrahimbekov.


He expressed surprise that many of the media, civil society and political forces have not given appropriate evaluation to such statements. "Instead, I am asked to comment on the materials of two or three venal hacks," said the playwright.


"Against this background, my phrase about "hitting on the lips" caused a lot of emotion. There are two or three people who write about me not just bad things, but things, for which they should be normally hit in the face.


In this case, I just expressed my attitude towards these corrupt journalists and pro-government media," said Ibrahimbekov.


In conclusion, he said that he gave up his Russian passport. "Azerbaijan's Electoral Code requires that a presidential candidate cannot have dual citizenship and therefore obligations to other countries," said the playwright.




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