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National Olympic Committee of Azerbaijan Answers Swedes: And You Killed Palme


The Azerbaijan National Olympic Committee issued a statement in which it accuses Amnesty International of spreading biased information in connection with the forthcoming European Games in Baku.

The National Olympic Committee of Azerbaijan also accused the Swedish Olympic Committee of provocation. In particular, it called "lies and slander" the opinion of the President of the Olympic Committee of Sweden Stefan Lindberg expressed in the Swedish press. The National Olympic Committee of Azerbaijan regarded his interview as "a provocation aimed at blackening the European Games."

In particular, the National Olympic Committee called "duplicity" the appeal of the Olympic Committee of Sweden to the European Olympic Committee regarding the repression in Azerbaijan.

The National Olympic Committee of Azerbaijan believes that Stefan Lindberg shows negative attitude towards Azerbaijan, and the Swedes voted against holding the European Games in Baku.

In response to the allegations of violation of human rights in Baku, Azerbaijan's NOC for some reason remembered the murder of the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1983, the terrorist attack against the Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Linde in 2013 and attacks on mosques. 



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