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Why does Baku ignore brazen statements by Sahakian?


Karabakh will never be part of Azerbaijan, said the leader of Karabakh separatists Bako Sahakyan at a press conference in Moscow on November 12. His arrival in the Russian capital is confined to the "Days of Artsakh in Moscow."

He further stated that the independence of Karabakh have already recognized a number of European and US cities and states. With regard to the recognition by the State, it is a matter of time, he said.

A day after such a defiant statement in the capital of friendly Russia, official Baku keeps strange silence. However,  as only  Sahakyan or anyone else from the separatists appear in France or the United States, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry demands an explanation from these countries, why they have hosted the separatists, and on what basis is undermined the negotiation process and failed the OSCE Minsk Group? Although neither in Paris nor in America and London Sahakyan  made such brazen statements. 



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