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Azerbaijani Human Rights Activists Need Support

The final press conference on completion of the project "Support for human rights defenders in Azerbaijan" was held by Human Rights House Azerbaijan at the Sapphire Hotel today. Human Rights House Azerbaijan is the local structure of the Norwegian Fund House of Human Rights.


Project coordinator Shahla Ismail recalled that the project lasting from January 2012 covered Baku and 8 districts. Directly benefit from the project 1,500 people, and deviously 4 thousand people.


As noted by Shahla Ismail, the project took place in difficult circumstances, and the conducted activities in areas were prevented by local authorities and the police. Holding several activities were completely suppressed.


Regional Coordinator of the Norwegian Foundation Human Rights House Ekaterina Spasova also pointed to the complexity of the environment in which the project was implemented. According to her, there were problems in the city of Baku in connection with the provision of space for events. She also recalled that official Baku has closed Human Rights House Azerbaijan. Due to the complexity of the project it has been implemented with partner organizations. However, with the end of the project work is not finished. Thus, the Foundation is preparing to sign an agreement with the House of Human Rights in Azerbaijan and partner organizations to continue the work.


Programme Manager of the EU Delegation to Azerbaijan Maryam Hajiismayilova views positively the fact that despite the pressure, the project was brought to an end. According to her, assistance to the protection of human rights is an integral part of the EU deyatelnocti. This activity will be continued in the future.


Head of the Legal Education Society Intiqam Aliyev stressed that the situation of human rights in Azerbaijan is quite heavy. Official Baku tries to oust employed in the system structure. According to him, in view of the high risk young people do not show interest in this area. Council of State Support to NGOs under the provision can be regarded as a structure, incapacitating the NGO sector. Without naming names, Intiqam Aliyev said that many human rights organizations on many critical issues, from a position of authority. The authorities are putting pressure on those NGOs that express their civic position, intimidated, sent with tax audits, and ID Intiqam Aliyev urged donors not to support the pro-government organizations.


It has been proposed for fundamental changes in the human rights system in the first place, to support young defenders.




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