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Three Azerbaijani citizens deported from Chechnya

On August 31, three residents of Azerbaijan, who lived and worked illegally in the territory of Chechnya, were deported from the republic by the court's decision. This was reported by the Department of the Federal Migration Service (FMS) for Chechnya.


Officials from the Bailiff Service of Chechnya say that in the coming days, other five foreigners, against whom relevant court's decision have been pronounced, will be deported from the republic.


In late July of this year, five citizens of Vietnam, who worked at the private construction sites in the republic, were deported from Chechnya, and a week earlier, other six illegal immigrants from Vietnam had been deported.


Since the beginning of 2013, in the course of the conducted raid and special events, about 300 illegal immigrants were revealed in the republic. This was reported by the Federal Migration Service.



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