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ICRF reports liquidation of relative of leader of "Southern" militant grouping in Dagestani Khiv District

Sirazhdin Velikhanov, who was killed on June 27 during the special operation conducted in the Khiv District of Dagestan, was a relative of Gasan Abdullaev, the leader of the "Southern" militant grouping. This was reported by the Investigating Committee of the Russian Federation (ICRF).

In the morning of June 27, law enforcers cordoned off a private house in the village of Zakhit. According to the law enforcers, a militant was hiding in the private house. When offered to surrender, he refused and opened fire on the law enforcers. As a result, the militant was killed by return fire. According to the National Antiterrorist Committee (NAC), the killed militant was pre-identified as S.Velikhanov, a member of the "Tabasaran" grouping, born in 1969.

According to the ICRF, Sirazhdin Velikhanov was a relative of Gasan Abdullaev, who was also known as Abu Yasir and who led the "Southern" militant grouping. The killed man was put on the wanted list on suspicion of illegal arms trafficking and involvement in an illegal armed formation (IAF). This was reported on June 27 by the website of the Investigating Department of the ICRF for Dagestan.

Let us remind you that the law enforcement agencies believe Abu Yasir, the leader of the South-Dagestani sector of the "Imarat Kavkaz", was involved in attacks on law enforcers and attempt to undermine "Sapsan" train in summer 2011.


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