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Suspected leader of militant grouping killed in Dagestan, source reports

The man killed in a firefight in the Khasavyurt District has been identified as Suleiman Zainulabidov, who, according to the law enforcement agencies, used to be the leader of the "Aukh" grouping of militants. This was reported by a source in the law enforcement agencies. Last night, the firefight has occurred in the village of Komsomolskoe. According to the source, law enforcers stopped a car to check documents; however, the man in the car had rendered resistance to them. The car was driven by Suleiman Zainulabidov, the leader of the Aukh grouping of militants, the "Interfax" reports with reference to a source in the law enforcement agencies of Dagestan. The car was stopped by the law enforcers, who were conducting operational and search actions in the Khasavyurt District, the "TASS" also reports with reference to a source in the law enforcement agencies. Till present, no official confirmation of the identification of the killed man or comments from relatives of Suleiman Zainulabidov regarding the information about his involvement in the armed underground are available.


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