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Dagestan: case against a local accused of aiding militants sent to court


In Dagestan, the case against Narzulla Nurov, a resident of the Tabasaran District, accused of involvement in an illegal armed formation (IAF) and funding militants, has been sent to the court. This was reported by the Prosecutor's Office of Dagestan.

According to investigators, in 2013, Narzulla Nurov, a 32-year-old resident of the village of Akka of the Tabasaran District, acted on behalf of militants in the territory of the District and found two local residents for the purpose of opening a store, which income was directed to maintaining the armed underground and providing aiding and abetting to its members.

Besides, Narzulla Nurov repeatedly sent to militants items of clothes, shoes and cash, which totalled to about 250,000 roubles.

The criminal case against Narzulla Nurov was sent to the Tabasaran District Court for consideration on the merits, the website of the Prosecutor's Office of Dagestan reports.


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