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Sheikh Takes into Account Devaluation


The Caucasian Muslims Department, which deals with sending to Hajj, has begun the reception of documents at the address: 7 Mirza Fatali Street. Phone: 492-88-48, 437-15-71.

As stated in a press release, the documents must be presented in person, and then a contract will be signed between the pilgrim and the CMD.

The quota for Azerbaijan this year is 3,000 manat. Payment must be transferred to the account of the central branch of the International Bank of Azerbaijan.

The total cost of the trip, this year, depending on the services, hotels, etc. is from 4,700 to 5,760 dollars. (Last year it was from 4,100 to 4,600 dollars).

The report noted the rising cost of travel is set according to the value of the dollar in the country.

Those wishing to perform Hajj must have a biometric passport, identity card, four 4x6 photos on a white background and a medical background.

The report also states that the right to organize Hajj in Azerbaijan only belongs to CMD. 



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